2 Tips To Help You Keep A Safe, Happy, And Healthy Backyard Dog

Posted on: 28 December 2016

Being a dog owner comes with many responsibilities, as your dog relies on you for all its care and protection. It is important to keep your backyard dog friendly to ensure you dog remains safe, happy, and healthy. Here are two tips to help you accomplish this.

Build and Maintain a Dog-Proof Fence

Keeping your dog inside your fenced-in yard can be a challenge for some dog owners, especially when your dog likes to burrow escape tunnels under the fence. You can reinforce many types of fence, including wood, metal, chain link, and vinyl or PVC to keep your dog safely inside your yard.

If your fence is made of chain link, to reinforce the fence line you will need to cut several lengths of metal rebar into pieces approximately 20 inches long. Use a circular saw with a diamond blade to accomplish this. Place each rebar section along the fence line approximately every 12 inches.

Weave each rebar section through the bottom two to three links of your fence chain, and use a mallet to pound each section halfway into the ground, so ten inches of the rebar protrudes from the ground. Weaving the rebar through the fence and into the ground will keep it from pulling free of the fence and prevents the bottom of the fence from bending up and your dog escaping.  

For fences made of other materials, you can build a concrete trench around your backyard fence line to keep your dog from escaping. Dig a trench around the immediate inside of your fence line approximately eight to ten inches wide and deep. If you are installing a new fence, dig the trench to span between each fence post. A rented trench digger will make the excavating work easier. 

Next, fill the trench with rubble rock or recycled concrete. You can also use large-sized gravel to fill the trench, but it can be a bit more expensive than rubble rock. Make sure you overfill the trench with the rock to fill any gap along the bottom of your fence, which helps prevent your dog from escaping under it.

Pour bagged concrete into the rock-filled trench to fill all voids between the rubble rocks. Use a broom to push all the concrete down around the rocks. Spray water from your garden hose onto the concrete to add water, then allow the concrete to dry for up to two days before you let your dog into the yard unattended or you step onto the rubble rock. 

Provide a Safe Play Area

Once you strengthen your backyard fence to keep your dog inside the yard, it is a good idea to provide a fun and safe environment for your dog inside the fence. First, your dog will need a dog house or other protection from the sun and weather while they are outside in the backyard. Especially, when your dog sleeps outside and you live in a climate that has low winter temperatures. Your dog will need protection from the wind to help them maintain their body heat during cold winter nights.

A dog house or shelter will give them a place to get out of the hot sun during summer. Your dog can quickly become dehydrated while playing outside in the heat and sunshine if they don't have access to shade for them to periodically rest in.

Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water that is unfrozen in winter and placed in the shade during summer. During winter, keep a heated water bowl to prevent your dog's water from freezing over.

Keeping your dog entertained with backyard play areas can help keep him occupied and keep them out of trouble. In summer, turn on a sprinkler or set up a plastic kiddie pool for your dog to play in and to keep cool on the really hot days, especially if they are outside when the temperature is over 90 degrees F. Get your dog freezable chew toys to entertain them and also help cool them.

A dirt area or sandbox with your dog's toys, specifically for your dog can keep them from digging up your backyard landscaping. Bury some chewable rawhide bones in the sand or dirt for your dog to hunt for.

Use these tips to help keep your dog safe and happy while they are outside. Click for more information about this topic.