Seven Reasons You Should Choose Cedar For Your New Fence

Posted on: 4 January 2017

Cedar has been used for fences since the colonial days when early settlers created split rail fences to keep livestock in or to mark the perimeter of their property. While the zig-zagged design of the original fences was used because the fence didn't require other hardware, cedar was chosen both because it was plentiful and for its durability and resistance to rot as it weathered winter storms. Its durability remains one of the most common reasons people choose cedar for fences today, but that's not the only reason. Consider these reasons for choosing a cedar fence when it's time to add fencing to your property.

1  Cedar is a Natural Insect Repellent

Cedar contains natural oils that are known to repel insects, which is good news when it comes to preserving the wood. It deters insect pests from setting up residence and destroying your fence. While there is no guarantee that you will never have an insect problem, using cedar fencing decreases the risk.

2  Cedar is Lightweight and Easy to Work With

If you will be installing the fence yourself, you will be delighted to learn that cedar is lightweight and easy to transport and load. It is also easy to cut and nail without worries about splitting or splintering. For a do-it-yourself project, using cedar will make the job less labor intensive and may be a little easier on the back, too.

3  Cedar Doesn't Need Sealers, Paint, or Stains

Cedar weathers naturally to a wonderful shade of gray reminiscent of days gone by. While many people prefer the weathered look and anxiously wait for the fence to weather, some do not. If you prefer the look of fresh cedar instead it can be stained or sealed to preserve its color, but it doesn't need it. Cedar is long-lasting and will look good for years to come whether you stain or seal it or not.

4  It Resists Rot

Cedar also resists rotting, which means less time and money spent on repairs and maintenance. Natural fungicide compounds in cedar trees work to prevent decay in the wood, even after it has been cut and built into a fence. This durable wood doesn't mind humid or rainy weather and can withstand years of winter storms without concerns about decay.

5  Cedar Resists Warping and Cracking

Many types of wood warp or lose their shape over time, but cedar has the amazing ability to maintain its original shape without warping. This property is known as dimensional stability, which means that cedar does not change its shape as the weather changes, keeping the fence straight and free of cracks or warping.

6  It Gives a Natural, Rustic Look

If you are into natural designs, cedar is an excellent choice for you. This wood enhances the landscape by creating a natural backdrop for flowers, trees, and shrubs. It also works well with other natural features of the land, such as boulders, river rock, gravel, or a manicured, green lawn.  Split-rail cedar fences can be used as a border to the yard while creating the illusion of wide-open spaces. This works best with scenic views on the other side of the fence.

7  Cedar is Versatile

Cedar fences can be built in a wide range of shapes and styles, from solid, 6-foot privacy fences to open designs that keep kids and pets in the yard without blocking out the view. They can be chosen to match the architecture of your home and can even be painted in the desired color.

Whether you have your new fence installed by a fencing company or attempt a small job on your own, you won't be disappointed if you choose cedar. Check out a site like for more information.