Keep The Deer Out

Posted on: 13 March 2017

It can be pretty frustrating to plant a great garden, only to find that your garden has been ravaged by a group of deer. It does not only happen to a garden, but can also happen when you are trying to plant grass. In fact, deer can cause a big problem for just about anyone. Deer can jump about 8 feet in the air, and so keeping them out can be a very tricky challenge. There are a few different ways that you can keep them out. You may have heard that using human hair will work, and sometimes it does. However, having human hair in your garden may get messy and look terrible. Building a high-quality deer fence may be the best way to go. A fencing contractor will be able to build a fence to your exact specifications. Here are a few different ways to build a fence to make it deer resistant.

Tall And Sloped

As mentioned before, a deer can jump about 8 feet high, so building a fence at least that high is going to be a necessity. However, if you do not want a fence that is 8 feet high, you may want to consider a sloped fence. A deer can jump 8 feet high, but it can't jump that high and travel horizontally very far. If you slope the fence thirty to forty-five degrees, this will discourage the deer from trying to jump your fence.

Double Up

If you do not want a fence that is high or sloping, you may want to consider building two fences. A deer does not have very good depth perception, but it will be able to notice that there are two fences. The deer is not going to want to jump one fence and risk hitting the other fence in the process. The deer also does not want to risk jumping the fence and getting stuck between the two fences. Building two fences a few feet apart from one another can be a very good way to keep those pesky deer out. 

High And Tight

A fence that effectively blocks the vision of a deer is going to be a good deer fence. Privacy fences that do not allow what is behind them to be seen can be a perfect type of deer fence. A deer does not want to risk being caught inside a fence, but they really do not like the idea of not being able to see what is behind the fence. Even if they can smell something delicious behind the fence, since they can't verify a non-threatening situation, they will not jump. 

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