The Missing Link: 3 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Chain Link Fence Unique And Attractive

Posted on: 17 July 2017

Is your chain link fence missing something? The fence may be practical, but it probably lacks the attractive design that you get with other custom fence materials like wood. There are some things you can do to give your chain link fence an attractive custom look, such as wood picture frames, greenery and metal gates. If you want to make your chain link a little less plain and a little more custom, here are some awesome ideas to give it an attractive makeover:

1. Give Your Chain Link Fence a Green Makeover with Plants

Plants are a great way to makeover the look of your chain link fencing. Greenery can be used to create a privacy screen or to mask the look of a chain link fence. Consider using climbing vines like ivy or honey suckle to completely cover the fence. Remember that if you use fast growing vines, you will have to keep them cut back to prevent them from completely taking over your landscaping. For a little less maintenance, use evergreen shrubs that grow more slowly and require less maintenance. Any plants you use on fences will require care like pruning, which is why artificial fence covering is often used as an alternative.

2. Adding Wood Features to Chain Link Fences for A Custom Look

Installing features made of wood can also be a good way to spruce up the look of a chain link fence. Instead of using the common round metal posts, consider using wooden posts. In addition, you may also want to frame sections of fence in wood to give them a more attractive look. It is important to do regular maintenance to wood materials you use on your chain link fencing. An alternative you may want to consider is using composite decking materials for some of these projects, which will be more durable than conventional wood products.

3. Custom Gates, Posts and Metal Fence Features to Improve the Look of Chain Link

The entrances of your home can also be spruced up with features using metal gates. Consider a more attractive metal gate with rod iron look, which can be made out of aluminum for a more affordable solution. Give your fence a custom look with gates and other metal fencing solutions.

With a little work, your chain link fence will be as attractive as any other custom fence. Contact a fencing company, such as Martin Fence, LLC, to give your fence a facelift and make it a valuable addition to your landscaping.