Auto Operators Vs. Human Operators: Which Do You Choose?

Posted on: 19 December 2017

Commercial gates, typically the same ones you see on military bases or at the entrance to public parking ramps, are often equipped with commercial gate operators. You can have auto operators, which are unmanned and use a motion detector, or you can employ a human operator. Which should you choose? Here are a few pros and cons to each to help you decide.

Human Operators

The pros to having a human operate your commercial gate is that you always have someone present to monitor the comings and goings of people. Besides security cameras, you have a human witness for the cars and people that enter and exit through the gate. Additionally, if you operate a public parking garage, the human operator records the license plates of everyone that comes in and out of the garage, a very beneficial method of keeping track of garage activity.

The cons of hiring a gate attendant is that the attendant always needs to be relieved at different times throughout the shift. A human needs restroom breaks and meal breaks, which means you need someone that can take over during these times as a part-timer. You also have to decide if you are going to have an attendant 24/7, in which case you will either have to hire more than one attendant, or take on several of the shifts yourself.

Automatic Gate Operators

The pros of automatic gate operators is that you never need to relieve someone of their duties. The gate admits entrance automatically to cars that pull up to the stop bars. If your commercial gate requires payment prior to admittance, payment boxes can be installed in conjunction with the auto gates. Security cameras are usually installed overhead by the gates to catch footage of anyone that might violate the rules of the parking ramp or try to push through the gate without permission to access the property.

The security cameras are also a con, since only a very limited view of the drivers and vehicles is provided. Automatic commercial gate openers also need frequent maintenance to make sure they are working properly. If the gates get stuck in the up or down position, people either can com and go freely, or get stuck on one side or the other of the gates. Problems with automatic gate openers can happen any time, day or night, and then you would have to respond to the problem immediately.