3 Tips To Help With Some Of The Most Common Fencing Repairs And Maintenance

Posted on: 19 January 2018

If you want your fence to last for many years, then it is important to do regular maintenance. Part of your maintenance routine will also include repairs to fencing that happens over the years. You may need to do things like adjust gates and other repairs to your fence. Here are some tips that will help with some of the most common fencing maintenance and repair needs that you are going to need done over the years:

1. Dealing with Worn Paint or Staining Wood Materials

There are going to be times when you need to paint your fence to ensure that it lasts for years. Depending on the types of materials you use, you will need use different types of sealants or paints. For metal, you will want to use a protective metal paint, while with wood fencing you will need to use an exterior wood paint or stain and sealant to protect your fence for a few more years. The task of painting is something that you will want to do every few years for maximum protection from wear and weathering. Regular painting is also important to protect metal fencing materials like rod iron. 

2. Storm and Debris Damage to Fencing That Needs Repairs

Over the years, storms and debris cause serious damage to fences. First, it is important to keep the fence clean and clear of debris. You will also want to keep any plants trimmed off the fence to prevent damage. In addition, it is a good idea to occasionally inspect fencing for any signs of storm damage that may need to be repaired. 

3. Problems with Gates and Moving Parts on Fencing That Need Repairs

There are also several problems that you may have with gates, hardware and any moving parts of your fence. It is important to do these types of repairs when you notice there is a problem. For manually operated gates that are set on hinges, you may have problems with the gate eventually sagging. All gates with moving parts will need to be oiled regularly to reduce wear; this is especially important for automated gates and tracks.

These are some tips that will help with some of the most common fencing problems that you are going to need to deal with over the years. If you need help with maintenance or repairs or you need a new fence, contact a fencing contractor from a place like Hartsell Bros Fence Co Inc.