Beat The Heat With These 3 Fence Maintenance Tasks For Cool Spring Cleaning

Posted on: 25 March 2018

Some maintenance and repairs that need to be done around your home may not come up until summer weather arrives. This means that you will have to do the repairs outdoors in the heat, which can be a hazard to your health in extreme heat. To avoid doing maintenance in hot summer weather, you want to get a head start on doing the repairs in spring. Here are some fence maintenance tasks that you should have on your spring cleaning list:

1. Inspecting Your Fence for Damage That Needs to Be Repaired

Over the winter months, snow, ice and high winds can cause damage to your fence. Debris can cause sections to need to be replaced and ice can even crack concrete around posts. You want to inspect your fence for signs of damage that has occurred over the winter, as well as common wear and tear like chain link materials losing tension or wood fencing having loose boards. Do the repairs now while the weather is cool to avoid having to deal with them during the summer heat and to prevent further damage to your fencing.

2. Caring for Vegetation and Trees Near Fences Before New Growth Starts

Vegetation and trees can also cause damage to fencing materials. Vines, shrubs and ground cover that grows close to fencing will need to be cut back away from the fence in the spring. Any trees that are near or have branches that hang over the fence should be trimmed. Make sure that there are no dead or heavy branches that may be at risk of falling on your fence during a storm.

3. Fence Improvements That Are Ideal Projects for Clear Spring Days

Spring is also a good time to do improvements to your fence when the weather is nice and not too hot. Some of the improvements that you may want to do include installing a gravel ground cover at the base of the fence to prevent dirt from splashing up and causing where. It is also a good time of the year to consider things like privacy screens for commercial chain link fences or re-staining wood fencing materials.

These are some tips to help you with the spring cleaning fence maintenance that you want to have done before the summer heat arrives. If you need help with maintenance or repairs to your fence, contact a fencing contractor to help with some of these tasks.