Three Fencing Ideas For A Funeral Home

Posted on: 11 August 2020

If you run a funeral home and you're doing some exterior remodeling, one of the additions that you may wish to consider is a fence. The presence of a fence can add not only privacy for those who visit your business but also a pleasant visual quality. The type of fence that you choose depends on several factors, including the overall look of your property and the appearance of your building. Here are three fencing ideas that can work well for a funeral home.

White Picket Fence

There's something that is comforting about seeing a white picket fence. If you drive through a neighborhood in which several of the homes use this type of fencing, you may quickly notice that you feel safe and at home. These are feelings that you want your guests to experience at your funeral home, which means that a white picket fence can be a good choice for your property. This can especially be true if your building has white siding, as the fence will tie in well. Many funeral homes, especially those in small towns, seek to achieve a home-like feel. For example, your funeral home may actually be situated inside of a large historic building that was once a residence. In such a scenario, a white picket fence will especially be a good fit.

Wrought Iron Fence

Another type of fence that can work well for your funeral home is a wrought iron fence. While this material may not provide a home-like feeling to the same degree as a white picket fence, it's a timeless and visually appealing design. Funeral home owners often work hard to have their grounds look pristine. People pay a lot for funerals and appreciate visiting a space that looks good inside and outside. A wrought iron fence, perhaps with lights on each of the posts to make the space welcoming for evening services, can work well.

Stone Fence

A stone fence can also be suitable in this application. In addition to being a good visual match if your funeral home has a stone exterior, it provides the added benefit of offering privacy to your guests. There may occasionally be scenarios in which media members are outside of your property and attempting to take photos before or after a funeral. This invasion of privacy can be difficult for those who are in grief, and they'll undoubtedly appreciate the stone fence around your property that keeps prying eyes off them. Speak to a local fencing company to discuss a fence project for your funeral home property.

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